Sepai V6.7 Boobs Pro Tune It Booster 12ml

Описание и характеристики

The Sepai V6.7 Boobs Pro Tune It Booster is a firming skincare base that can be mixed with your favourite serums and moisturisers to provide a customised treatment for your bust area. Delivering a firming, tightening and hydrating effect, the breast-firming body booster helps to improve the general appearance of the bust, working to restore an ideal curve. The toning elixir is formulated with exotic vegetal extracts from the fruits of Kigelia (a peptide-rich African tree) and flavanoid-rich bark from the Latin American Quillaja tree. It delivers immediate and long-lasting mechanical tightening action on skin, plus moisturising benefits to help significantly increase the appearance of firmness while improving the look of skin's texture. Skin appears smoother and firmer. Not to be used pure, mix the booster in with your preferred Urban or Recovery serum and/or moisturiser day and night. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Dermatologist tested. Free from fillers (silicones), allergens, toxins, oil derivatives, parabens and more.


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