Sepai V6.4 Firm Pro Tune It Booster 12ml

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Developed with biotechnological and molecular engineering actives, the Sepai V6.4 Firm Pro Tune It Booster delivers smoothing and toning benefits to improve your skin's overall appearance. Wrapped in a fermented Olive Oil base, the nature-inspired formulation combines Marine Bamboo and Drift Kelp Extracts with Mediterranean Crystal Tears (a precious oil extracted by supercritical CO2 technology from the Greek Mastic tree) to provide wrinkle-fighting and collagen-enhancing properties for increased firmness and elasticity. The innovative booster can be mixed with serum and/or moisturiser for a customised skincare routine that targets your specific needs and concerns. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Dermatologist tested. Free from fillers (silicones), allergens, toxins, oil derivatives, parabens and more. Please Note: Should not be used pure, mix with the serums and moisturisers from the lines RECOVERY or URBAN.


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